The company AB Enclosures is the best and most recommended company in the Australia for stainless steel electrical enclosures, electrical metal enclosures, weatherproof electrical enclosures, electrical enclosure box and all types of electrical enclosures. They are not only selling an electrical enclosure but they are also manufacturing it from the scratch so in case if you needed customized electrical enclosures so you can ask for it and they can deliver it you at as many quantity as you needed. Suppose that you are a builder and you are working on a site where there is a requirement of different types of stainless-steel electrical enclosures, electrical metal enclosures, weatherproof electrical enclosures, and electrical enclosure box with customization and accurate sizing according to the building. As the building is of several floors and each floor has different units and each unit has its own electrical enclosures but also there are some units which are big, and some are small so there are many variations. 

In an addition, they also needed a main control for each floor and then a sub main control at the electrical control room than the grand main electrical enclosures box for whole building so in this case you might be needed different types of electrical enclosures and it is very hard to find out the double door metal enclosure and most of the time a builder has to modify the building design rather than to invest their efforts in customizing an electrical enclosures but now it is not like that you can ask and provide the sizes and material type also the features you want it and you will be getting all of them at your site. Not only this, you can also get in different colour, material and pattern to improve its user experience and looks. What else you can get from the AB Enclosures is control panel of electrical enclosures, which is describe as below; 

Screen Based Electrical Enclosures  

AB Enclosures can offers you screen based electrical enclosures for controlling so you do not have to open the electrical enclosures box for switch on and off. Like for an example you wanted to switch off some of the room directly from the electrical enclosures so normally you may have to open the electrical enclosures box and turn the specific button off for which some of the time you have to find out that which button is for what and also it is a risk as you have to deal with it very carefully but with the control panel now you can easily control it from the screen which is also showing you statistics. 

So if you are interested to know more about it or if you are looking to buy one, than all you have to do is just to visit their official website at