When we hear the words traffic lights we automatically assume that these are those lights that we see every day while we are going home or coming from work. The term traffic lights Australia came into being when cars became popular. Back in older days when cars were not that popular, then there was no traffic to manage but as cars slowly replaced the horse carriages traffic became insane and thus traffic lights came into being. 

Just imagine how our world would be without the invention of traffic lights. Before we go into detail of importance of traffic lights let us see the history of it.

How were the first traffic lights?

The first traffic lights came into being in 1868 in Britain, it was used to control the flow of trains back then and after that it was used to control the flow of horse carriages and then when automobiles became popular then they were used to control their flow.

The lights were basically fuelled with gas and they had to be changed by hand or manually. Although still in its introduction, safety was not guaranteed.

How traffic lights changed the way of flow?

With traffic lights being gradually changing and becoming more intelligent, these lights started to be controlled by computers and software. As the world changed and rapidly kept improving the basics of traffic lights remained same but they were becoming more advanced and thus have now managed to make the flow of traffic better. 

When we look at the importance of traffic lights they are not only used on streets but also in many manufacturing industries also. Yes, these lights are also seen in many industries where there is a heavy flow of lots of cargo being taken away from one place to another.

These lights are there to manage the flow of goods being transferred. For example you have some goods that have to be lifted off from a truck and a small vehicle come, takes away the goods and goes to its respective area where the materials are being dropped off.

Along the way you will see many other vehicles like these who are doing the same job and they need a flow where two vehicles do not have an accident and destroy goods. 

So you see these traffic lights they have a lot of responsibility when it comes in managing the traffic. As the world becomes more technological advance with new innovations and ideas, with that these traffic lights will also become more and more advanced and sophisticated. 

We can already see the traffic lights with cameras which help out in making real life traffic flow so much simple that these lights feel like they have a mind of their own. So if you want safety and want a better flow then get yourself some traffic lights from Redbank Group.