Tyre is the most important part of the vehicle. Therefore, its maintenance and proper management keeps the vehicle going for a long time. It is highly likely that in the manual of your vehicle you will find the wheel balance machine at the top. This is used to assure that vehicle is performing at its best and it also helps in increasing the life span of the vehicle. Although, the term of wheel balancing is often confused with the alignment of the wheel. But both of these deal with different things. Wheel balancing is concerned about how a tyre has its weight distributed and how it is adjusted so that it goes best with the vehicle and support it. On the other hand, the tyre alignment is more concerned towards how the tyre interacts with the ground and what angle does it make with the ground. 

As you drive your vehicle, it goes through many kinds of roads and the tyres get worn off with the passage of time. As a result of these, the distribution of the weight of the gets disturbed therefore after some period the wheel balancing is required. Although, you should go to the car maintenance after some time by your self in order to avoid any inconvenience during the drive. But if your vehicle starts to shake and vibrate then this is the indication that your tyres have lost their balance. Go here https://www.jonair.com.au/product-category/tyre-changers/  for more information about truck tyre changer. 

A technician uses a test by using screw driver to check the static and dynamic response of your tyre. Based on the results, the technician calibrates the tyre so that it gains its proper balance. Usually it is seen that whenever a car is drove over 5000 to 6000 miles or in terms of months, for 6 months then the tyre starts to get unbalanced and these need to be fixed.

In the past the cars were heavy and the tyres were also designed heavy which helped a lot in the vibrations and jerks caused by the road. Most of these vibrations were handled by these tyres by themselves and these helped a lot in saving the car and the driver from the vibrations. But today’s cars have moved towards the style therefore these cars have now light tyres. In case of light tyres it is very difficult to maintain the balance for a longer period of the time. The wheel balancing is an issue which cannot be ignored because its negligence could be really dangerous for the car and for the tyres as well.