For the transaction of goods which are imported from other countries ware houses are built which are very big rooms and all the raw material is stored in them before further transaction and supply. In these big rooms racks are present which are made up of pallet rack beam, dividers, cross bars, row spacer, wall brackets, rack protectors and net. On these racks pallets are places. Pallets are rectangular frame which can be made up wood, plastic, any kind of metal or wire. It has space in between them in different directions so that it can be lifted easily and can be placed from one place to the other.

Pallet racking can be of different types. Racking system is arranged in such a way that access to a material can be made direct or can be made by compacting. Conventional pallet racking is a universal method of racking system. In this type of racking system in a ware house shelves direct access to each single material and pallet can me made. Drive in pallet racking is a type of racking system in which all area is completely accommodated.

The material can be placed to the maximum height in it. Standard wide aisle pallet racking is a special racking which provides an unrestricted access to the raw material placed on the pallets in a ware house shelves. Narrow aisle racking is beneficial for those places which have very small area.

Those ware houses which have small capacity use this type of racking system. Mobile pallet racking is another convenient method which is renowned for its capability to double the storage capacity for the same area. Pallet shuttle system is another important type of racking system. As the name shows that it is semi-automated and it works appropriately in saving the goods in a ware house. Live pallet racking system is a type which is ideal for a ware house as the access to goods is mobile. Along with ware house this type of racking will be appreciated in industry as well.

Push back pallet racking is the convenient way of racking system as with in a ware house selves it allows at least four levels of racking one after the other and more goods can be stored with the help of this type. Pallet flow racking is another amazing type of racking system as it acts on the principal of FIFO. FIFO stands for first in first out. In this type of racking the thing which is placed first can be accessed first and the second placed thing could be accessed after the first. Multi-tier pallet racking allows the manual racking system. The team members pick the lane and arrange the things into a specific order manually and walking lanes are also left in them. Speed lock pallet racking is the most advanced method of saving goods as it is completely automated system and things are placed inside it speedily.

Clad rack ware house is a system of racking which is most probably used by engineers in which they use units of racks for construction of the building.