Wearing gloves is important because it protects our hands from hazadrous chemicals and other material which are harmful to use. They protect our hands from various diseases too. Some gloves can be recycled and some can be worn once. Go here https://nicma.co.nz/  for more information about hand tissues. 

There are various types of gloves which include nitrile gloves, rubber gloves, neoprene gloves and avoid latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are used to protect from harmful chemical agents. Rubber gloves protect against corrosive materials. Neoprene gloves are used to protect from oils and corrosive materials and avoid latex gloves protect people from allergies because some people have allergy disease and are allergic to different types of substances. Plastic gloves are used in various factories, hospitals, schools, labs and while cooking. They help in keeping our hands clean during work and protect our hands from any kind of disasters. Gloves not only include plastic material with it but they are made in fabric and leather too. Glove’s fabric is used to protect our hands from cold in winters even police officers wear them to investigate in different crimes. Gloves are made in different materials and different products, fingerless gloves are also made with the materials that are used to wear for protection of hands. Mostly better plastic gloves are used for medical assurance. Medical gloves are disposable gloves used between the treatments of patients and other medical works. There are two types of medical gloves examination and surgical. Surgical gloves are more spacious and easy to use. They are bigger and size and have higher standards. And examination gloves are available as sertile. Washing hands is compulsary for using gloves. Gloves can be used with washable hands, they should be worn in clean hands and hands should be washed again after removing them. They provide a barrier against germs and other infected and harmful agents. They can be washed and kept for another use too. According to the national safety council there is a list of gloves which includes. Cotton and fabric gloves, these gloves protect from abrasions but may not be strong enough to handle strong work.

Coated fabric gloves, these gloves are used to protect from some concentrated chemicals, they are used in laboratories too.

Rubber plastic gloves are used for cleaning and working with oils in restaurants. And keeping the hands clean.

Leather gloves are used for heavy work such as driving a motor bike and welding because it can protect from heat and other toxic materials.
Almunimized gloves are used for welding and other factory works as they protect from reflective and insulating programs.

Gloves play and important role in protection of hands, plastic gloves are essential for every type of work which can be the reason of destroying the hands.