If you are just starting out as a professional tattoo artist, chances are that you might be somewhat confused about what exactly you should be stocking up on in your future tattoo salon. Since everyone is rather clumsy at the beginning, this is of course fine, but as you are a professional now, it is also your duty to make sure that you provide quality service to your future customers.

Accordingly, it is important to exactly understand what the necessities of a tattoo salon are. Below is a simple guide to the basics you will be needing to ink tattoos:

The tattoo machine or tattoo gun – obviously, the most important of all tattoo supplies will be the tattoo machine. This will no doubt be your biggest expense (unless of course, you intend to splurge on your interior décor right from the start), but understand that it is also the most important of all. There are different types of tattoo guns, but for amateur artists, the choice is in favour of separate tattoo machines that do outlining and shading separately. If you are confident in your hand, you could try buying a single machine that does both chores, however. Remember that, whichever choice you pick, you should invest in a durable, high-quality machine that is made of either iron or steel.

The ink and ink cap holders – every tattoo artist needs ink to complete his or her creations, as well as ink cap holders to hold their ink varieties whilst at work. When looking at selections with tattoo ink for sale, the most important point you should dwelling on is the quality of the ink: professional-grade ink supplies are made with vibrant colours and have many shades; they are also long-lasting due to their highly-pigmented nature. A good point to also keep in mind is to always check whether the supplies you receive are properly sealed and brand new. When it comes to the ink cap holders, it is ideal to buy them in bulk, as these are basically inexpensive plastic wares.

The needles and tubes – to do your job, you will also need several needles and tubes. The traditional method was to invest in a quality needle and tube, and to sterilize these before and after each procedure. However, notwithstanding the fact that this can cause problems if not properly sterilized, the procedure is also painstaking and somewhat expensive. Instead, most tattoo artists nowadays prefer to bulk-buy disposable needles and tubes that come in sterilized conditions. They are single-use only, but they avoid any of the issues sterilized needles and tubes may have.